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Sqribble Review – eBook Creating Software of 2020!

Yes, Days of Manually Creating eBooks Are Over!

Writing an ebook and becoming an author is a dream – a matter of pride.

How many times you imagine a stunning book cover, with your name on it!

Writing an ebook seems quite easy task on the surface.

In reality, writing and publishing an ebook is a cumbersome task.

After weeks and months of sleepless nights, you have completed your ebook, only to find that still, a long list of tasks are there on the table.

  • looking for a professional to review and edit your work
  • hiring a ghost writer and paid him/her well – if you don’t want to write yourself
  • searching for a good designer to make ebook attractive
  • $800 – $1200 to be paid to designer + couple of months time
  • ebook cover design
  • handle unexpected delay in deadlines, unsatisfactory work of hired persons, payment processing problems

So What is Sqribbe?

How It Solves All Problems?

Sqribble is a cloud-based software that makes the burdensome task of creating an eBook extremely easy, fast, and simple .. and you don’t need any coding or design skills or technical knowledge to create your eBooks.

Sqribble instantly creates stunning eBooks – without even writing a single word!

Yes, you read it right! Creating eBook without writing any word. How?

First, you pick a template of your choice, out of 50 available template designs.

Then add content to your ebook. There are several ways to add content.

  • Write content directly in Sqribble.
  • Upload your Word document, and Sqribble automatically extracts the content and put it straight into your ebook.
  • How to create ebook without writing a word? Thousands of articles are present in Sqribble Library and, with some modifications you can use these articles for your ebook.
  • Another unique method of getting instant content is to put any URL and Sqribble pulls content from this site to your ebook. (Is it ethical? a question comes to mind immediately. So at the end of such article, give credit to the original author .. and so it is 100% ethical.)

Finally, customizing and designing your ebook is as easy as ABC with Sqribble. There is no need of hiring a designer, proof reader or editor – which saves lot of time, energy and money!

This is the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) – miracles of 2020!

With Sqribble, you can now create unlimited professional-looking eBooks for Kindle, in just 5 minutes and start earning $2000 to $5000 per month!

How Sqribble Works? Watch This Short Video

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Pros And Cons


  • Saves weeks or even months of time and manual labor
  • Beginners friendly – very easy to use
  • Drag and drop designs, Easy formatting
  • Fully customizable (fonts, styles, colors, layouts)
  • World Class Support – Help resolving all issues efficiently
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Means Risk Free!


  • Upsells to access all features
  • Can’t upload customize fonts
  • Quite addictive

How to Make Money With Sqribble?

Method 1 – Write eBook and Sell on Amazon Kindle

It’s been tough times, but there’s one simple little business you can launch tonight that has the potential to make you seriously good money without all the hard work.

I’m talking about selling non-fiction books on Kindle (Amazon Publishing Co.) where people are making fortune by earning $10,000 to $20,000 per month easily (and imagine if you can make even half of that!)

And with Sqribble, you can write lots of ebooks daily and sell on Amazon Kindle – and start making handsome amount of money.

Method 2 – Work As Freelancer

There are many freelancing sites like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer .. where employers post jobs for ebook writing or editing and pay you once work is accomplished.

With Sqribble, you can format eBooks in less than 5 minutes .. and make a lot more money than other freelancers doing the formatting work manually!

Method 3 – Craiglist Jobs

Other than freelancing sites, check Craiglist of your area .. and you’ll find dozens of jobs posted there (related to eBook writing or eBook formatting) daily.

Method 4 – Social Media

Visit marketing forums (like Warrior forum), Facebook groups or Linkedin, where hundreds of people are looking for someone to write eBooks for them and they are ready to pay somewhere between $75 to $100 per ebook.

Method 5 – Fiverr Gig

You can create a gig on Fiverr for eBook formatting or eBook writing (How to create a gig? Search Youtube) and you’ll start receiving orders – which you can complete within 5 minutes, using the power of Sqribble.

Look how much people are earning on Fiverr for writing just 1500 words!

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What Do Experts Say About Sqribble?

Sqribble's template-driven process REALLY makes it a snap for designers and non-designers alike to produce pro-quality marketing materials, ebooks, and lead magnets. THIS IS A WINNER!



Internet Marketer

It doesn't get much EASIER than this to create professional looking eBooks! So many features and definitely worth having in your arsenal of tools. I save time & money with Sqribble.

Carl Topping

Carl Topping

SEO Expert

Sqribble makes it more easy and accessible for anyone to create ebooks in a matter of minutes. It's the BEST I've seen! The training and support is fantastic.

Amer Amir

Amer Amir

Youtube Marketer

What I actually love about Sqribble is that all you need to do is copy a URL and it AUTOMATICALLY makes you an ebook! It’s GENIUS. One of the BEST software programs released.

Bobby Dolcee

Bobby Dolcee

Affiliate Marketer

My Rating of Sqribble

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Final Words

I highly recommend ‘Sqribble’ as this would help you in boosting your income during these tough times.

Sqribble comes with 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee, so there is zero risk in taking a test drive.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed how user-friendly the software is .. and how every claim and every promise is duly fulfilled.

For pricing and other features, click below to visit Sqribble official website.

PS: Sqribble Summer Sale is closing in 5 days (at the time I am writing this) where a huge 60% discount coupon ($40.20 price reduced) is available. Better to hurry up, and act now, or you’ll miss the discount!

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